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Innovation is a repeatable process used to identify and develop new, ready-to-be commercialized innovations for our customers’ vehicles.

Product Innovation

Soft Tambour Door Armrest

By blending an integral skin foam process with our established tambour door design, we have created a new and innovative product offering for floor console tambour doors and armrests, that allows up to 35 percent reduction in mass and 10 percent reduction in tooling over a traditional armrest assembly approach.

Floor Console Armrest

Automatic closing armrest can rotate while sliding. Rear battery box slides on double tracks and has retaining force when opened.

Heated Armrest

The new heated armrest from Yanfeng Automotive Interiors is based on the principle of panel heating. The thermal imaging camera allows us to see the heat generated.

Process Innovation

CHyM - Compression Hybrid Molding

Provides sustainable and innovative lightweight technologies for market differentiation and an enhanced consumer experience. CHyM integrates the advantages of both natural fiber and thermoplastic. This allows for the positioning of either or both technologies exactly where they are needed for maximum door trim panel performance.

A Class Surface EIPP (Expended Injection PP)​

Through the innovation of the technology, equipment and mold, the product is more lightweight with better dimension stability and can be widely used in the interior.

Technology Innovation

Illuminated Fabric Surface

Textile with integrated light guides that create a differentiating feature with a high-quality effect that’s lower cost and lower weight than other possible backlit solutions.