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Events – Bochum, Germany –

CAR Symposium in Bochum, Germany explores trends

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors experts presented at the 17th Bochum CAR Symposium. The focus: “A New Era in the Automotive Industry.”

What trends and developments can we expect during the next decade? What does the automotive future hold? These and other questions were on the agenda at the 17th CAR Symposium in Bochum, Germany, that took place on February 1, 2017. Two innovation experts from Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) provided their insights at the conference.

Dr. Oliver Becker, Executive Director Process Innovation for YFAI, looked at tomorrow’s automotive interiors as part of the “Car Interior 360°” special event. In a fascinating series of presentations, this key area is explored from different angles all along the supply chain. A host of market leaders and specialists in their respective fields presented their latest technological advances, specific showcases and trends.

In addition to Dr. Becker, YFAI’s Chief Technology Officer, Han Hendriks, spoke at the symposium on a high-caliber panel discussing “Automated Driving – Technology and Trust.” He was joined on the podium by Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany; Dirk Wollschläger, General Manager, Global Automotive, Aerospace & Defense Industry, IBM; and Dr. Michael E. Hafner, Director Driver Assistance Systems & Active Safety, Daimler.

After the symposium an annual job fair, CAR connects, was held the following day at the RuhrCongress in Bochum. Each year, over 2,500 college and university students, recent graduates and professionals attend this career fair to learn about job openings, internships, traineeships and more. YFAI, a partner company to the event, was represented with its own booth, where young job seekers and experienced professionals alike could find out about training options and job opportunities in many disciplines.

The CAR Symposium in Bochum is regarded as a top-tier meeting place for the automotive industry. Over 1,200 executives and decision makers gather here each year to discuss the opportunities and challenges for future mobility. For more information (in German only), please visit