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Fully-integrated modules and systems, innovative solutions and deep expertise from the one global supplier that is solely focused on creating a better life on board

It’s the instrument panel that drivers interact with most, and it’s the cockpit that combines the instrument panel with the vehicle’s key systems. Steering, braking, and air bag systems provide safety for drivers and passengers. Air conditioning systems add comfort and DVD players, GPS, sound systems, and other electronics make driving more pleasurable. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors’ extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and integrating automotive interior components and systems brings everything together to make the driver’s on-board experience the best it can be.

The look and feel of quality

Better life on board is more than technology, it’s also a matter of aesthetics. Our cockpits not only work beautifully, they look beautiful. We provide a broad range of interior trim options for the instrument panel and cockpit system to add a high level of comfort and style to the interior.

Modular design

Each vehicle model has its own unique interior characteristics and each vehicle manufacturer has a specific set of requirements. By utilizing a modular design approach, we can successfully create automotive cockpit products that meet those OEM requirements and blend in seamlessly with the entire interior.

Customer collaboration

As a global supplier of cockpit modules, we work closely with our customers to continuously expand our cockpit offerings and improve our technology to provide better products and service. We also help improve overall efficiency with the capability to receive and act on real-time information from our customers, we can adapt quickly to their changing needs. By simplifying the assembly process, we can reduce assembly time. These activities, plus the reduction of commissioning time and management costs, help our OEM customers improve their productivity. 

Global support

We have our own development and production sites in all major regions worldwide. Our in-depth expertise spans North America, Europe, and Asia — where we are uniquely positioned in the world’s fastest-growing automotive markets. Therefore, we can quickly and seamlessly orchestrate interior programs wherever they are needed.