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Events – Sunnyvale, CA –

CTO Han Hendriks spoke at Plug and Play event in Sunnyvale

Recently, Han Hendriks, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for YFAI, spoke at a Plug and Play Mobility Keynote in Sunnyvale, CA.

At the conference, he spoke about XiM18, YFAI’s method to develop a view on the interior of the future, YFAI’s recent research study on the Quality of Life, and explained how different ways of segmentation are important in the future, because the industry is rapidly changing.

After introducing a video about the Quality of Life research and the XiM, he explained, “we use this to package our innovations and new technologies in a real vehicle environment. It makes a great platform to engage with our customers, our partners, as well as consumers”, and ask for feedback and input as we evolve our vision of future interiors”.

During his speech, Han also revealed insights that were learned during the Quality of Life research. “We found that today bigger is not always better, ownership is not always equated with more happiness, and more consumers find that less is more”, he said. “Especially taking advantage of having the experience instead of the ownership”.

“When our Company vision is ‘Better Life on Board’, it starts with the consumer”, said Han. “The consumer will be the ultimate judge if we’re successful in creating a better life on board”.

As a Plug and Play ecosystem member, YFAI will engage and benefit in several ways, including proof of concept tests, pilot projects and deal flow sessions with startups.

Plug and Play is the largest global innovation platform that brings together startups, investors, and corporations. They are experts in facilitating meaningful introductions, investing in startups, and bringing together key stakeholders into one world-changing network.