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Cut, Sew and Wrap.

It’s always a question of Craftsmanship, Passion and Style.

Our leather wrapping capabilities bring a luxury look and feel to various classes of vehicles

Car buyers often base purchase decisions on vehicle interiors. While more people prefer smaller, economical, energy efficient cars, they still want their cars to look and feel luxurious at non-luxury prices. Our leather wrapping capabilities provide the simple, affordable elegance customers want.

In-house technologies make it happen

Since material isn't naturally shaped for instrument panels and other components, not everyone can produce leather wrapping. Materials have to be sewn to tight tolerances and precisely fused to component surfaces. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors does so by combining traditional craftsmanship with state of the art engineering and production processes.

Instrument panels, floor consoles, door panels and inserts can be wrapped in real leather or leather-like materials.  For every product, the result is an elegant yet affordable look and feel.

 We coordinate everything in-house, meaning customers don’t have to seek leather covering specialists. They can just come to us. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors have solutions for all technologies and surfaces. That simplifies everything for our customers.

Decorative and functional stitching are combined here, as real leather is precisely stitched on to this instrument panel detail.

Note the precision and consistency with which the leather on this door panel is stitched into diamond shapes that are identical to one another.

This instrument panel combines leather and non-leather covered components in an integrated whole that's functional as well as beautiful.

With our airbag integration capabilities, we're able to produce a finished product that's both aesthetically pleasing and reliable. It's a superior combination of style, functionality, and safety.​

Simplifying options

Leather is a key feature of high-end luxury cars, and Yanfeng Automotive Interiors serves premium vehicle manufacturers with superior quality, high style leather-wrapped interior components.

We’re also helping manufacturers of other classes of vehicles satisfy increasing demand for leather quickly and cost effectively. We design interior components that are scalable for different surface options, including leather-wrapping, to support automakers’ changing production schedules.

Today, carmakers need to differentiate their products.  Leather-wrapped interior components from Yanfeng Automotive Interiors help them provide the elegant look and feel car buyers are looking for.  It’s a significant point of differentiation that adds value, attracts customers and increases sales.