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Flexibility Beyond


Style sells, especially when it comes to automotive interiors.

Our customers can let their imaginations run free while we offer a host of beautiful, distinctive, decorative touches to make their vehicles stand out from the competition. The possibilities are virtually limitless – from a full range of colors, to the look and feel of aluminum, chrome or real wood.
We offer decorative trim solutions that enhance the beauty of the entire vehicle interior, including doors, floor consoles and instrument panels.

Innovative and cost-effective processes lead to more decorative possibilities

Our exclusive 3D IMD (In-Mold Decoration) process gives customers more freedom to create vehicles with greater consumer appeal. 3D IMD works with whatever film our customers specify to achieve the appearance they are looking for in trim parts of any size or shape. Such flexibility opens the door to many new decorative touches for the interior. 3D IMD is more cost effective by eliminating the need for vacuum pre-forming and the tooling costs associated with it. It makes customization quick, easy and affordable.
Our standard IMD process also reduces costs by utilizing a single-step molding technology. At the other end of the spectrum, customers who want the greatest possible design freedom can take advantage of our expertise with IML (In-Mold Lamination) for trim, that exhibits improved craftsmanship and higher perceived quality.

Complete in-house capabilities

As the world’s largest supplier of injection-molded components, we offer OEMs the benefits and efficiencies of complete in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to meet any and all decorative trim requirements. With our knowledge and experience producing virtually every automotive interior component and system, we can seamlessly integrate decorative trim with the interior as a whole to support and enhance the vehicle brand image.

Global support

We’re everywhere our customers need us to be. Our global teams, manufacturing facilities, and resources are at their disposal around the world. As a result, we provide consistent high quality support of their global vehicle programs to give them a competitive edge in the automotive marketplace.