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Environment, Health
& Safety


Our Environmental Policy

We will continually reduce the negative impact of products, services and activities on the environment. We will be an excellent corporate citizen that engages in environmental friendly and sustainable practices.

Our commitments are:

  1. Meet all applicable legal and other requirements.
  2. Promote continual improvement of Environmental Management Systems and environmental performance to fulfill the commitment of protecting the environment and exceeding the expectations of interested parties.
  3. Commit to pollution prevention, and especially enhance the control and management of chemicals and hazardous waste, by the means of identifying, screening, and controlling the adverse environmental impacts occurring from activities, products and services in a life cycle perspective.
  4. Actively seek opportunities to increase the utilization rate of energy and other natural resources, as well as reduce waste discharge / landfill usage through recycling and reuse.
  5. Proactively take part in the environmental social activities and make contribution to solve the environmental problems.

Our Health and Safety Policy

Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of everyone working at or visiting any of our global locations.

Our commitments are:

  1. Prevent all occupational injuries and illnesses through the continual improvement of the Health and Safety Management System.
  2. Meet all applicable legal and other requirements regarding the safety and occupational hazards at each location.
  3. Eliminate or substantially reduce the risks of all known hazards, including those related to chemicals, combustion, explosions, etc.;
  4. Continually improve measures for injury / illness prevention to protect people from harm;
  5. Promote safety awareness and skills as the responsibility of all managers and employees.