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“Experience in Motion” underscores Yanfeng Automotive Interiors’ ambition to transform the automotive interiors industry

Brand positioning conveys strategic direction

FRANKFURT, Germany –

Since the formation of Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) as the global leader in automotive interiors and the launch of its new brand entity in 2015, the company has worked extensively on its brand positioning, which is expressed by the new brand claim “EXPERIENCE IN MOTION.” The repositioning of YFAI‘s brand identity underscores the company’s ambition to drive, rather than react to, the significant shift in the automotive industry that is being shaped by global mega trends such as autonomous driving and new market players and technologies. The new brand positioning is the result of an extensive global research program with different internal and external stakeholder groups. It reflects the company’s vision to create a better life on board through superior automotive interior solutions and will more effectively communicate the company’s strategic direction.

A brand that creates the next living space
“I personally am very passionate about our brand positioning. We are the industry leader and the only global supplier to focus solely on automotive interiors,” said Johannes Roters, CEO of Yanfeng Automotive Interiors. “The interior of the future is a combination of traditional interior parts and new, innovative materials and technologies, such as smart functional surfaces and adaptive interiors. By pursuing our holistic approach and leveraging our role as the leading total interior integrator, we are uniquely capable of bringing new technologies into almost every surface. With this, we are redefining the way people live inside their vehicles. We are the brand in the automotive interior business that creates the next living space, where look, feel and function are seamlessly integrated, creating end-user experiences that are both functional and emotional.”

YFAI looks to meet customers’ current needs, while simultaneously shaping the future of mobility and e-mobility. The strategy to achieve the company’s vision of tomorrow’s mobility, “a better life on board,” is twofold: Producing industry-leading interior components and modules while simultaneously integrating new, innovative technologies and seeking strategic partnerships that build on our current and future products and competencies. This results in decorative and smart surface integration solutions that create a new style, sensation and performance across instrument panels, floor consoles, door panels and overhead consoles.

The XiM18 demonstrates how “experience in motion” is realized in a vehicle, and brings the company´s “experience in motion” brand positioning to life. At this year’s Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA), the XiM18 demonstrator vehicle showcases the company’s extensive integration capabilities and the next living space concept.

YFAI has several key capabilities, which help bring this vision and the new brand identity to life. “We are customer focused, driven by excellence in execution, innovative in everything we do, as well as focused on the development of ideas into new products and processes,” said Johannes Roters. “And finally, we are truly a global company.”

YFAIs brand design at the IAA
The research undertaken to build the brand identity has also led to the development and harmonization of different design elements, including a key visual that conveys the new brand identity. The new brand positioning will be represented visually through a combination of the logo and the new claim EXPERIENCE IN MOTION, thereby using a clear design language to express what YFAI stands for: A company that is redefining how people relax, work and play in their vehicle interiors, both today and decades from now. A company that creates a better life on board for tomorrow and today, keeping user experiences in motion.

Furthermore, specific brand themes like acceleration, experience, and transformation were identified and described as design elements for communication purposes. Following this process the brand design was redefined and realigned with the new brand positioning. YFAI’s booth at the IAA illustrates how innovative and fresh campaigns build a new, consistent and inspiring brand presentation, based on this solid foundation. The brand concept of this year’s IAA #NextLivingSpace follows the theme “Stop driving, start living” and will provide unexpected impressions with design elements and references normally encountered in interior architecture contexts. This also includes a key visual to convey the Next Living Space theme, along with the campaign hashtag #NextLivingSpace. With its presence at IAA, the company demonstrates how to go beyond traditional forms of mobility and look at the future while keeping user experiences in motion.

#ExperienceInMotion #NextLivingSpace

About Yanfeng Automotive Interiors:
Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) is the global leader in automotive interiors. YFAI is redefining how people relax, work and play in their vehicle interiors today and decades from now. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has approximately 110 manufacturing plants and technical centers in 20 countries and more than 33,000 employees globally. They design, develop and manufacture interior components for all automakers. Established in 2015, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors is a joint venture between Yanfeng, one of the largest automotive suppliers in China and Adient, the global leader in automotive seating. For more information, please visit

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