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Products & Technologies – Neuss, Germany –

Experiencing the XiM20 – A typical day in the ride-share vehicle of tomorrow


We see a city, it’s daylight. The morning air is crisp, refreshing. Stepping out of his flat, bag under his arm with a warm mug of tea his hand he descends the stairs. Overhead the grey skies are starting to break as rays of sun peek through. Already the city has started bustling. He looks up the road as his feet hit the sidewalk, noting his car approaching. Once his ride—the XiM20—has pulled alongside the curb and parked, he extends his hand to the door, allowing the vehicle to scan his palm. The door clicks open, welcoming him inside. After placing his bag and mug he settles in, the front seat rotating effortlessly allowing him to face forward, taking in the day through the expansive window at the front of the vehicle. During his ride, he’ll relax, perhaps taking phone calls or answering emails as he zips quietly through the morning traffic. With the XiM20 he can leverage every minute of his journey, using the 30-minute commute to center his thoughts and prepare for the day ahead.

Imagine another scenario, a town at night. An elderly couple, linked arm-in-arm, are strolling through a park. Tonight, they celebrated their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. At dinner, they toasted to their marriage, their memories, the family they had raised—reminiscing over a bottle of wine and finishing the evening with a walk through their favorite park. As the cold starts to grip the evening air, they make their way out of the park, the husband pulling out his phone. In a few short minutes, their ride will arrive, perfectly timed to greet them. As they make their way toward the street, they find the XiM20 waiting for them. Once inside, they settle in, cozy and happy to be out of the cold. To complement their ride, he syncs his phone to the audio system and their wedding song starts to play. She smiles, snuggles in close, and closes her eyes.   

Midday, a congested, hot downtown in another place and time. He needed some space. It had been nearly three months since he’d been able to step away from work, from the hustle and bustle of what seemed like a never-ending project. He needed air, trees—something new. Before long, his art bag was packed, jammed full of his favorite brushes and watercolor palette.  He peeked out the window, pleasantly surprised that the XiM20 had arrived so quickly. Planning to use the ride to collect his thoughts, he knew at his destination he’d be ready to take up his brush.

Stepping into the XiM20 he was thankful to escape the unbearable heat. The city was experiencing record temperatures, and as the trip began he watched the heat radiate from the streets, buildings, and vehicles he passed. Enjoying the cool comfort at the front of the XiM20, he observed, watching the city disappear and the tree-lined streets of the country emerge. Upon arriving at a wooded clearing, the XiM20 halted. Eagerly pulling out his tools, he arranged the front table space to begin his work. With the curved windshield above he had all the perspective he needed without suffocating from the heat outside. Stroke by stroke he relaxed, taking in the beauty from the cockpit of this unique smart cabin.

The XiM20—a true experience in motion. Every passenger’s journey is their own to decide. Designed as a vision of what autonomous ride-share interiors could look like, the XiM20 offers features and functions that passengers can customize, tailoring the experience to that person’s wants or needs. Together, YFAI has designed an interior with integrated technologies and flexibility to empower passengers to craft their own experience in motion.

Awarded a prestigious Red Dot Design Concept Award in the category “Mobility" and recipient of an award from the German Design council's Automotive Brand Contest, the XiM20 is a testament to our team's ability to define future mobility. We look forward to sharing more of our vision of tomorrow's interiors soon.