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The future is on our
drawing boards.


Industrial Design: From Idea to Reality

If you want to know how tomorrow’s automotive interiors will look, just ask our global team of designers.

Our team of designers working in Asia, Europe, and North America is unrivaled in the world of automotive suppliers. Our broad range of talent allows us to not only collaborate with automotive and mobility clients,
but also to pose questions, introduce innovations, and propose ground-breaking concepts of our own.

At Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, our process of innovation combines creativity, feasibility, usability, and esthetic elegance. Backed by solid research and a deep understanding of global markets, we identify new opportunities and create new products that satisfy customers and consumers around the globe.

Our capabilities:

  • Technology, Trend, and Consumer Research

  • Concept Ideation and Development

  • 3D Modeling

  • Engineering Feasibility

  • Color, Trim, and Materials Design

  • Craftsmanship Analysis and Benchmarking

  • Human / Machine Interface

  • Clay Modeling

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • A-class Surfacing

Tim Shih

Tim Shih is Vice President Design and User Experience of Yanfeng Technology. He leads the global Industrial Design team of the company and is in charge of all three design studios worldwide and manages projects for all customers from the automotive industry. Tim Shih is located in Shanghai and responsible for our Industrial Design business in all three regions.

We operate Industrial Design Studios in Europe, North America and China and Asia Pacific.

Our heads of these locations manage projects both for internal departments and customers from the automotive industry. As well as this, the studios provide support for innovative product visions and the conceptual design and development of new products, from the product idea up to market launch,
in close collaboration with the company’s other Industrial Design studios.

Volker Dreisbach

Volker Dreisbach is Director Design at our company. He heads the European Studio and is located in Neuss.
He works in collaboration with the company’s American and Chinese studios.

Danny Larsen

Danny Larsen is Senior Manager Industrial Design at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors. He leads the North American Studio in Holland and works in collaboration with the company’s European and Chinese studios.