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Let your personality
shine through.


Yanfeng Automotive Interiors understands that interior lighting is a fundamental part in the makeup of a vehicle’s personality.

 We’ve developed cost-efficient methods of production to supply our customers with unique and affordable lighting options that can be produced entirely in-house.

The Power of LED

LED technology provides both heat and cost reductions, and is compact enough to fit virtually anywhere on a vehicle’s interior. This allows for innovative, unique looks and solutions that integrate into any surface and trim detail. Instead of relying on light to escape from behind a solid surface such as leather, fabric, aluminum, or wood, we can make such surfaces translucent, creating unique patterns of light that shine through previously opaque materials.

Your vehicle’s personality lit up

Customizable lighting themes allow a driver to change the personality of their vehicle whenever the desire may arise. Our lighting solutions go beyond the simple ambient lighting that has become standard in most models, and allows a vehicle to change its entire personality depending on the time of day, creating a completely unique theme at night.

Global resources mean complete capabilities

From idea to production, lighting solutions are developed entirely by Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, ensuring cost-effective, quality products.
We have our own development and production sites in all major regions worldwide. Our in-depth expertise spans North America, Europe, and
Asia — where we are uniquely positioned in the world’s fastest-growing automotive markets.