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Events – Zwickau, Germany –

Our answers to global challenges

YFAI expert spoke at the automotive industry’s annual conference

Recently national and international automakers and suppliers met in Zwickau (East of Germany) at the International Annual Congress of the Automotive Industry, which the Chamber of Industry and Commerce has organized and implemented since 1997. Experts and industry representatives discussed the effects that increasing polarisation, digitisation, autonomous driving and the shortage of specialist employees will have on the industry. The theme of this year’s conference was “Growth under new factors of success.” In addition to the future, the focus of the event was on China and its changing role as a market participant.

Our Executive Director Global Change and Business Transformation Dr.-Ing. Michael Schachler talked about “structural answers to global challenges” and gave exciting insight into the changes within our company. He also presented China’s role over the last 20 years going from a low-cost mass goods producer via the world’s largest consumer goods market to becoming an innovator. How does Yanfeng Automotive Interiors respond to the megatrends in this industry? How can we better position ourselves with innovation and manufacturing skills in all regions around the world for the global challenges ahead? How do we bring the different cultures together to be successful in global competition? Our expert presented the answers to these and similar questions in his presentation.

How the automotive industry is aligned nationally and globally over the coming years, what has been achieved to date and which methods and innovations are expected in the future and are being implemented were discussed in numerous contributions by experts. During round table discussions and the subsequent networking, the conference directly addressed all of the subjects and discussed the specific influence on all of the participants.