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Corporate – Neuss, Germany –

YFAI becomes newest STARTUP AUTOBAHN partner

Building on a successful relationship with Plug and Play in North America, YFAI recently expanded with them in Europe by signing a partnership contract with Startup Autobahn - the German based innovation platform powered by Plug and Play.

The official announcement of our new partnership was announced at the recent Startup Autobahn Expo Day on February 21 in Stuttgart. Fran Elenbaas, Senior Manager New Technologies responsible for scouting and open innovation in our Neuss Innovation team, represented YFAI on stage, giving a short company introduction and participating in a panel discussion.

“YFAI partners with technology leaders wherever necessary in the innovation and product development process, to provide our customers with the best possible products,” explains Fran. “In order to be first to market, we need to move quickly in an open innovation environment such as this one.”

We look forward to participating in numerous branding and networking events with Startup Autobahn’s other partners to cooperate with young companies and bring open innovation thoughts to life.

Last year, YFAI joined the Plug and Play Mobility ecosystem, based in Sunnyvale, California. The company’s XiM20 demonstrator made its global debut at the Plug and Play Tech Center in January. YFAI was recognized at the end of 2018 with the Winter Summit Corporate Innovation Award from Plug and Play for our outstanding contributions and dedicated engagement thus far in their mobility vertical.

In May 2016, Daimler, Plug and Play Tech Center, the University of Stuttgart and ARENA2036 founded Startup Autobahn as an open innovation platform with global reach. It provides an interface between industry-leading corporations and young tech companies.