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YFAI opens modern testing laboratory in Slovak Republic

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors expands its testing and R&D capacities, underscoring its commitment to Central and Eastern Europe.

Over the past few years, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) has been strengthening its presence and technical capabilities in Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s newest facility, a test laboratory at YFAI’s Technical Center in Trenčín, features the very latest testing and R&D equipment for wide-range testing of automotive interior components. Last week, government officials joined company executives at the ribbon cutting event to open the lab.

The expanded Technical Center now covers more than 4,800 square meters, with half of the space dedicated to the new testing laboratory. Here, the company conducts durability and material tests for automotive interior components and products, including instrument panels, cockpits, door panels and floor consoles.

Within YFAI’s global network, the leveraged capabilities of the Technical Center add to the company’s engineering excellence. At the same time, they enhance YFAI’s local expertise to better meet the needs of automotive customers in the region.

“The Technical Center in Trenčín is one of eight locations in our global engineering network, and it plays an important role in our research and development activities,” said Jason Xu, Vice President, Engineering at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, in his speech at the opening event. “We are pleased that the investment in the new test lab will enable us to provide the best of expertise and excellence to our customers locally.”

Investment in Trenčín shows commitment to growth
The company invested EUR 4 million in a complete remodeling, installing state-of-the-art engineering equipment for wide-range testing of automotive interiors. New chambers and high-level technical devices allow component performance testing to be conducted for safety, durability, environmental effect, vibration, appearance, material and emissions. With these expanded capabilities, the Technical Center in Trenčín supports the company’s growth plans in the European region.