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We invite you to experience the next living space.

Global megatrends are leading to a new definition of mobility

Global megatrends such as autonomous driving, connectivity, electric driving, shared mobility and advanced materials are imposing a fundamental change on the automotive industry. These trends are working together to significantly change consumer demands and attitudes toward automobiles.

Our CEO about the megatrends electrification and shared mobility 

Johannes Roters, Chief Executive Officer 

Global technological and social megatrends are disrupting the automotive industry. YFAI is already developing solutions for tomorrow’s mobility. Leading up to IAA 2017, you can get first hand insights how our leadership team thinks about future mobility on our social media channels and here. First off is our CEO, Johannes Roters, sharing his thoughts about why electrification and shared mobility are changing the way we will use our vehicles in future.


The new mobility - Vehicle interiors will transform into a customizable, second living space.

Autonomous vehicles will improve our lives in many different ways, but most notably, in the amount of time they free up for us. Through our interior solutions, future vehicles will become a new space full of possibilities. They can be individualized – used as a living room or working space, a quiet refuge or connected hub, powered conventionally or electrically, driving with hands on the wheel or completely autonomously. To experience the future of mobility today, come to the IAA in Frankfurt and visit us at the YFAI booth. We would love to introduce you to your next living space. READ MORE 

Learn more about the #NextLivingSpace and new technologies that will be featured at IAA 2017
XIM18 (eXperience in Motion 18) Demonstrator Vehicle

Explore the vehicle of the future – the XiM18. As autonomous driving quickly becomes reality, we are ready with revolutionary vehicle interiors technology that transforms a car into a mobile living space.

Adaptive Interior

We create interior components that enhance your driving experience by adapting to your  lifestyle. Our exciting offerings will "wow" you with enhanced comfort and convenience. In the future, our adaptive interiors will be essential as vehicles become autonomous.

Functional Interior Surfaces

With fully-integrated information and control areas, fusion of smart phone and tablet control, ambient and task lighting, heated surfaces, and more, we’re enabling the functional interior surfaces you will want most in the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

Surface Leadership

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors provides unmatched leather-wrapping capabilities. With our experience and expertise we offer the complete spectrum of services, from design and engineering through production.

Decorative Trim & Lighting

Only Yanfeng Automotive Interiors can produce multiple decorative trim styles from a single tool, saving time and money. In addition, YFAI is your single source for unique, practical lighting solutions.

Lightweight Solutions

We know the importance of green and sustainable vehicle technology, and we can fulfill your need no matter your material preferences. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors offers solutions that reduce weight and boost efficiency for vehicles with standard or alternative powertrains.