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Products & Technologies – Frankfurt, Germany –

Yanfeng Technology CTO Han Hendriks held keynote speech at ATZ live

What must the ‘in-car-experience’ look like to fulfill future mobility requirements? Han Hendriks, Chief Technology Officer at Yanfeng Technology (YFT), answered this question in his keynote speech at the ATZ live conference “Vehicles of Tomorrow 2019” in Frankfurt this week.

At the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) participants learned more about how Yanfeng is transforming and acting on the most important trends relating to technology, mobility, and society and the new degrees of design freedom in the interiors of intelligent, connected, electric, and autonomous vehicles. He also explained why the company is looking at the time people spend in their vehicles and how sharing, ownership, and other quality of life factors influence the use of that time.

At YFT Han Hendriks is not only responsible for future-oriented interior concepts that are innovative and intuitive but also for the company’s research and development activities relating to interiors, seating, electronics, safety, and exteriors. In the newly founded YFT division, he will focus specifically on the integration of digital technologies into all components and systems in the vehicle’s interior because a new era of driving experience requires an integrated approach for interior design and electronics. The company has demonstrated how this will specifically look as part of its SmartCabin Interior Vision 2030 with the XiM20 concept car, which was unveiled for the first time in Europe recently.

Whether electric mobility, autonomous driving, car sharing, or digitization – at the conference, numerous representatives of the automotive and supplier industries discussed the up-and-coming changes to the automotive industry. This concerned strategies for revolutionary technology as much as new concepts and business models. Self-driving cars were among the topics to receive the highest audience interest. The panel discussion then explained the social benefits and customer acceptance on the way to the shared society.

The event was organized jointly by fks GmbH and ATZlive. It was used to exchange information and explain all of the elements of mobility change. At the booths of the accompanying exhibition, service providers and suppliers presented the newest developments and numerous services to the expert audience.

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