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Corporate – Cologne, Germany –

Bilateral collaboration opens up new possibilities for innovation

YFAI‘s Dr. Yanning Zhao participated in a panel discussion at the German-Chinese Business Summit in Cologne

More than 30 speakers from Europe and China discussed the challenges and opportunities of the business relationships between the two countries during this year's summit of the German-Chinese Business Association. This year, the focus was on the transnational innovation work by companies. Our expert Dr. Yanning Zhao was invited to  report on her experiences in the global development network at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors.

Dr. Yanning Zhao is Manager, Engineering Product Innovation Europe, for Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) and has specialized in display and HMI technologies for future interior vehicle concepts at the Neuss location. Her expertise regarding the mutual relationships between Germany and China, as well as cultural differences  is not just due to her work at YFAI. Yanning, who was born in China, has lived, worked and done research in Germany since 2005, and can draw on her personal experiences.

During the discussion Yanning talked with representatives from Covestro and NIO, as well as Patent Attorney, Dr. Thomas Escher about the opportunities and challenges for innovations "Made in Germany" and "Created in China." Together, the speakers discussed the advancements China has made in creating innovation and the associated impact on collaboration between Germany and China.

With more than 110 locations in all regions of the world, YFAI has a global production and innovation network. At the beginning of the year, YFAI opened its latest innovation center in Neuss. In the coming years, future vehicle interiors will be developed in cooperation with the company‘s innovation centers in China and the United States. During the podium discussion, Yanning described the opportunities which this opens up for the development of new vehicle interior technologies. In light of new mobility concepts such as autonomous driving, car sharing and e-mobility, it is advantageous to be able to leverage the experience and knowledge of various cultural regions.

Every year, the German-Chinese Business Day brings together stakeholders and experts from politics, industry and the civil society to discuss topics related to mutual  business relationships. The keynote speech at this year's event was made by Wang Weidong, Envoy of the Embassy Council of the Trade and Economic Affairs Department of the Embassy of China in Germany.