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Shaping the future of
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For a better life on board

New technologies and materials are expanding possibilities in automotive interiors all the time.

And when trends emerge, we’re right on top of them, perfectly positioned to translate them into fresh solutions. We are constantly exploring ways to combine new developments to meet the evolving needs of automakers and consumers alike. We also welcome opportunities to partner with other professionals. This helps us broaden our portfolio further still and opens up new avenues for innovation.

Han Hendriks, Chief Technology Officer

Han Hendriks is Chief Technology Officer at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors. He acts as a global innovator responsible for our company’s technology and innovation vision and strategy as well as the development of new products from the initial idea to the market launch. In addition he is responsible for global sales of the innovations.
Han is located in our European Innovation Center in Neuss, Germany, and responsible for our Innovation business in all three regions.

By having a relevant view of the interior of the future, we…

  • Deliver advantaged product and process innovations, faster - value up and cost down
  • Enable proactive customer engagement to win targeted programs
  • Engage passionate, talented and creative people and promote an innovative culture
  • Drive growth by being the preferred innovation partner for our OEM customers​

Submit your innovative ideas

Got a great idea, an innovative product or process you think has potential? If you’re a startup or an individual with a fresh, exciting idea for automotive interiors, we want to hear from you. Simply hit “Submit your idea” to share your concept with us. And give it the best chance for success.

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