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Vehicle interiors will transform into a second living space. YFAI is at the heart of these changes.

The new mobility - Vehicle interiors will transform into a customizable, second living space.

Autonomous vehicles will improve our lives in many different ways, but most notably, in the amount of time they free up for us.

Not sitting behind the wheel during our daily commute can add hours to the day and give us more flexibility to manage our schedules, ultimately enhancing our quality of life. The result: Vehicles become a personalized space, catering to our specific and ever-changing needs. With adaptive interiors, consumers can decide according to their needs if they want to utilize their personal space as a living room, a working space or a quiet refuge that offers a comfortable space to relax.


Transforming vehicle interiors into both functional and emotional living spaces - YFAI is at the heart of these changes.

We are transforming the automotive interior to become the next living space, where look, feel and function are seamlessly integrated to enable end-user experiences that are functional and emotional, life-changing and defining.

Through our interior solutions, future vehicles will become a new space full of possibilities. They can be individualized – used as a living room or working space, a quiet refuge or connected hub, powered conventionally or electrically, driving with hands on the wheel or completely autonomously.

As the industry leader in vehicle interiors, YFAI is driving these changes every step of the way.

We strive to meet customers’ current needs, while simultaneously shaping the future of mobility and e-mobility – not only by providing products that anticipate future end-consumer needs today, but also by launching innovations and product solutions in line with our vision of tomorrow’s mobility: A better life on board.

Our ambition is to reshape the automotive interiors industry by redefining the way people ‘live’ inside their vehicles – whether this requires traditional interior parts, new lightweight materials, flexible and adaptive components, smart surfaces, or decorative trim and lighting. This ambition is reflected in our new demonstrator vehicle, the XiM 18, the result of a 2-year research and development process that will be showcased at the IAA 2017.

To experience the future of mobility today, come to the IAA in Frankfurt and visit us at the YFAI booth. We would love to introduce you to your next living space.