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Events – Shanghai, China –

New Values in the Age of Autonomous Mobility

YFAI Vice President Research & Design, Tim Shih, spoke at YPO Auto Tech Summit in Shanghai.

With connected, electric, and shared mobility gaining traction and visibility at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, industry experts from around the world participated in the YPO Auto Tech Summit in Shanghai on April 16-18 to share their thoughts on future mobility trends and technologies. Invited as a guest speaker, Tim Shih, Vice President Research and Design of Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI), shared the company’s view on “New Values in the Age of Autonomous Mobility”.

“The rise of shared mobility is already changing consumer expectations of in-vehicle experiences,” said Shih, “the traditional triggers of emotion and appeal continue to be crucial but are now interpreted and expressed differently than in the past. As a leader in automotive innovation, we combine consumer research with advanced technology as mobility success requires a deep understanding of rapidly changing consumer needs and increasing customer expectations.”

With the fully autonomous rideshare concept, the XiM20 (eXperience in Motion 2020), YFAI presented how the company translates this into future mobility solutions that create a brand new in-vehicle experience.

At the summit, experts from different parts of the industry also shared ideas on automation, connectivity, electric mobility, and other technologies impacting future mobility.