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Interface with the


Yanfeng Automotive Interiors is developing Smart Interior Surfaces that combine innovative automotive interior aesthetics and Human Machine Interface (HMI) technologies to create an incomparable experience in motion.

Smart Interior Surfaces seamlessly integrate interaction with controls, display of information, lighting and heating into a unified surface. The result is the pinnacle of surface harmonization within and across product zones such as instrument panels, door panels or floor consoles. The boundary between decoration and function is reduced, creating a functional and aesthetic interior.

Smart and sleek

Displays and controls are invisible when inactive, reducing the surface to a pure design shape.
Only when controls or information are needed does the surface come alive via backlight or the activation of a display. Necessary gaps are reduced to a minimum to give the interior design a seamless look. Our recent partnership with one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers of mechatronic HMI components, combined with our broad interior expertise, makes all this innovation possible.

A familiar interface

Like a smartphone, our smart surfaces provide user configurable, intuitive interfaces. Operating icons can be harmoniously integrated into the interior, supporting OEM-specific HMI brand requirements. Smart Interior Surfaces are the next step in the evolution of driving, and can account for the change of the driver’s task from simply driving, to a semi- or fully-autonomous mobile experience in motion.