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Experience in Motion 2017 Demonstrator

The XiM17 by Yanfeng Automotive Interiors helps answer the question, “What will people do in their vehicle, if they no longer have to drive?” It is designed to enable the use of several modes: lounge; meeting; family; and driving, enabling the autonomous vehicle to be used in various ways, by multiple people. It features a system that allows for interior flexibility to support multiple seat and floor console positions in the vehicle, allowing for different ways of engaging.

Driving Mode is a traditional interior layout with all seats facing forward, allowing for a practical environment that facilitates driving and supports passenger lifestyles. Features include:

  • An overhead console that features a stop-start button and PRND selector, freeing up cabin space for vehicle occupants.
  • An invisible A-pillar which allows for greater visibility and safety.
  • A front and rear floor console that can be combined, featuring the seamless integration of displays and control functions, powered soft tambour door with finger print lock, innovative personal electronics management and more.

Family Mode is an interior configuration that brings people together to better engage. The seatback of the front seats rotates inward and the rear console moves forward allowing the rear seats to come together in the center. Highlights of this mode include:

  • A combined rear seat that brings the front and rear seats together and moves the rear console forward, allowing rear passengers to completely view the large display screen located in the instrument panel.
  • Swing back front seats with a 16 degree rotation, allowing the driver and passenger to better engage more comfortably with rear seat passengers.
  • A slim air vent to control climate with gestural control.

Meeting Mode is an extension of the office. The driver seat moves to the back of the vehicle, while the passenger seat moves forward and rotates 180 degrees allowing occupants to face each other.
This creates a new and unique experience of the interior space. Features of this mode include:

  • 180 degree passenger seat rotation that allows face-to-face communication in the interior.
  • A fold-away rear seat can be stored in the back of the vehicle creating a clean, refined appearance.
  • A floor console with powered soft tambour door featuring a powered open/close mechanism with fingerprint lock that is ergonomically located.
  • A floor console featuring two individual trays that can be used separately or come together to form a larger table, with a convenient one-hand operation to open or close.

Lounge Mode is a transformational space that helps transition from “tasking” to socializing.
With the front seats moved to the rearmost position, the vehicle becomes an environment that offers passengers the option to relax or work. This mode includes:

  • Smart Interior Surfaces that seamlessly combines the control and information panel with decorative trim, turning into a user interface when needed.
  • A large overhead screen where the display panel acts like a sunroof, but can also show mood-changing images or act as interior task light.
  • Innovative perforated leather lighting which provides ambient lighting through a soft finish instead of a hard surface.