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Yanfeng receives Red Dot Award for XiM21s concept

Smart Cabin concept with production-ready innovations honored for its design

Shanghai, China –

Yanfeng, a leading global automotive supplier, has been honored with a Red Dot Design Concept Award in the category “Mobility and Transportation" for its Smart Cabin concept car Experience in Motion 2021s (XiM21s). This passenger-focused interior concept debuted in Shanghai and demonstrates how technology integration can create an intuitive and customized environment tailored to consumers’ needs and requirements. All production-ready solutions are available for the next generation of vehicles.

“We are proud to be part of the largest professional design concept competition in the world. Receiving this award for our XiM21s is an acknowledgement of Yanfeng’s creativity and design excellence. It also is a great great honor and recognition for our global teams,” said Tim Shih, Vice President Design and User Experience at Yanfeng Technology.

By combining physical features with digital intelligence, Yanfeng has enhanced interactions between occupants and the vehicle itself. With fully integrated smart surfaces and reconfigurable touch displays, the XiM21s offers passengers an infinitely adaptable space and unique on-board experience, whether the vehicle is used for ridesharing or personal use. Thanks to integrated sensors, the Smart Cabin automatically adjusts the interior ambience through climate, scent, audio, and lighting. UV-light sanitizes surfaces, immersive entertainment engages, and advanced comfort features fulfill passengers’ evolving needs and expectations. In-depth user research conducted by the company helped define which technologies and features should be included and how they should be integrated.

“In this new era of mobility, the way users connect with their vehicles and each other will demand greater flexibility and deeper technology integration, allowing passengers to escape their everyday and enabling cars to deliver an entirely new type of Experience in Motion,” said Han Hendriks, Chief Technology Officer at Yanfeng Technology.

This year, a total of 4,110 entries from 49 countries were submitted. The Red Dot Design Concept was awarded to 259 concepts. Only eight percent of the entries were awarded a Red Dot. The Mobility and Transportation category’s Design Concept awards accept design concepts for products, services or communication designs that are not already mass-produced and sold in the market at the time of submission to the competition. This year’s award ceremony will be hosted virtually
in October.

This is the second time Yanfeng has received this prestigious design recognition.
In 2019, the company’s XiM20 Smart Cabin concept was also recognized with a Red Dot Design Concept Award.

Experience the vehicle interior of XiM21s on Yanfeng's YouTube channel at the following link:

About Yanfeng:

Yanfeng is a leading global automotive supplier, focusing on interior, exterior, seating, cockpit electronics, and passive safety, and is exploring new business actively. Yanfeng has more than 240 locations and approximately 55,000 employees worldwide. The technical team of 4,200 experts is in 8 R&D centers and other regional offices, with complete capabilities including engineering and software development, styling, and test validation. Focusing on Smart Cabin and lightweight technology, Yanfeng supports automakers to explore future mobility and provide leading cabin solutions.